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CaseLink — The Industry Standard

Since 1992, CaseLink has been the industry standard for CRF management and publishing software.

Regarded as "best of the breed," there is no equal when it comes to timely, sophisticated, quality-driven CRF management software. ~ Xerox Corp

CaseLink has been trusted by over 250 clients including Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Lilly for over a decade. CaseLink provides complete control of CRFs before, during and after the clinical trial process.

CaseLink Features

  • Create, update, and print individualized CRF books for clinical trials
  • Tackle sophisticated bar-coding
  • Provide variable data printing
  • Randomize and allocate patient numbers
  • Digitally warehouse electronic CRFs 


  • Reduced costs by bringing the CRF function in-house
  • Customized CRFs with variable data and automated bar-coding
  • Fastest turnaround
  • Reduced collation errors
  • Reduced human error through automatic changes
  • Customized integration allows pesonalized interactive training, support, inventory, ordering shipping
    and tracking.
  • Value-added pricing and customized ordering
  • 100% digital for unparalleled quality CRFs