Reporting for Clinical Trials The Industry’s Most Robust Reporting Capabilities are Included and Integrated with eCaseLink.

DSG’s software applications offer over 65 standard reporting tools — at no additional cost. In addition, our ad hoc reporting tool is the most comprehensive available. Create up to 200 unique reports based on criteria you select. Since all data captured by the system is clean and in real time, access to your critical data is just a click away.

Prepare your reports with real-time data to analyze trends, find discrepancies and monitor site compliance. eCaseLink™ built-in Audit Trail function is a unique reporting tool to keep track of your study at any time. With eCaseLink’s Audit Trail function, users can keep a record of who viewed a form; when a form was verified for SDV; when a form had an eSignature placed on it; when a form was saved, completed or unlocked; and when a query was automatically generated. eCaseLink has a standard Audit Trail which lists every action pertinent to a specific site or patient, as well as Custom Audit Trail which allows you to specify what types of information should be included in the report. In accordance with regulations, no user may alter the Audit Trail.

DSG offers eight standard privilege levels, so access to reports remains secure. Data cannot be changed, modified or reviewed unless the user has specific rights to the reporting tools.

As with all of our applications, DSG’s reporting tools are fully integrated and available via the web on a standard Internet connection. You may also access reports using our powerful standalone tool, CaseXport, making sure wherever you are, you can review up-to-the-minute clinical data.

eCaseLink EDC has over 65 standard clinical trial reports available including:

  • Frequent Queries
  • Pending User Action
  • Custom and Login Audit Trails
  • Audit Time
  • Form Data
  • SDV/CDQC Status reports
  • Site Study Progress and Site Status reports
  • Query report and Alerts
  • eSignature and Investigator Grant reports
  • Patient Visits and Enrollment Status
  • Medical History/ConMed/Adverse Events
  • Compliance report

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