eCaseLink IWRS (Interactive Web Response System)

DSG’s award winning IWRS is a seamlessly integrated component of eCaseLink that helps you to easily manage randomization, subject enrollment and drug supply management in any clinical trial.

Randomizing, enrolling study subjects and managing drug supply, is crucial to the success of clinical trials, regardless of phase. In today’s Internet-savvy world, Interactive Web Response Services (IWRS) are quickly replacing outmoded and time consuming voice response systems.

eCaseLink’s IWRS automated randomization systems use the latest statistical methods, programming and validation procedures. This ensures quick, accurate patient assignments, balanced and valid subject assignments. The IWRS functionality completely manages the supply chain from shipment to re-supply thus ensuring proper kit numbers and the monitoring of defective or damaged supplies.

eCaseLink’s IWRS increases efficiency and productivity with lower error rates, and eliminates the need for costly and inefficient IVR systems. eCaseLink’s IWRS delivers savings of over $100,000 per study, on average.

eCaseLink 8.0 IWRS:

Simplify Randomization, Subject Enrollment and Drug Supply Management with eCaseLink’s Interactive Web Response System:

  • Award Winning Technology recognized by the SCDM
  • IWRS seamlessly integrated within eCaseLink
  • Patient randomization using web-based EDC system
  • Customizable for any clinical trial
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with lower error rates
  • Very easy to use, for both the site and drug/device maker
  • Dramatic reduction in development cycles compared to IVRS
  • Integration of complex randomization schemes,drug accountability, drug supply management, and supply chain forecasting
  • The most advanced, fully web-integrated IWRS system in the industry

The benefits of eCaseLink’s IWRS:

  • Stand-alone or full EDC Integration

    IWRS from DSG is seamlessly integrated with eCaseLink™ EDC software, reducing the need or completely eliminating traditional telephone-based Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS). IWRS from DSG provides advanced, award-winning technology, enabling users to fully leverage eCaseLink.

  • Award Winning Technology

    DSG is the industry leader in integrated EDC technology. The Society for Clinical Data Management recognized DSG with its Data Driven Innovation Award in 2007 for DSG’s work with Sirion Therapeutics developing state-of-the-art patient randomization, drug delivery and supply management, and reconciliation in real-time within eCaseLink in six studies.

  • Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency

    DSG’s Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) and integrated EDC functionality enables continuous reconciliation to occur, minimizing the need for additional external reconciliation. This enables sites to completely replace IVRS with the less costly and more efficient Web-based option. DSG delivers savings on average of over $100,000 per study through the use of its IWRS.

    With many sites and sponsors opting for Web-based solutions, companies can deploy IWRS without the need for external feeds. Immediate randomization and drug supply management can be done on-site with better tracking and no need for “on-call” representatives across geographies and time zones. Sites can also eliminate waste, (especially with expensive therapies) and management has the ability to generate reportage on drug kit usage, randomization and inventory supply all in one location.

  • Automated Patient Randomization

    eCaseLink’s IWRS automated randomization systems use the latest statistical methods, programming and validation procedures. This ensures quick and accurate patient assignments, and balanced and valid subject assignments. These services range from block assignments to complex dynamic and adaptive randomization.

  • Inventory Management

    DSG’s IWRS provides a centralized pathway to complete clinical trial drug supply. For Sponsors using Just In Time (JIT) methods of controlling inventory, a Web-based solution has adequate supply sent to sites from depots throughout the supply chain. This key function reduces human error that’s common to traditional IVRS and paper-based methods. eCaseLink IWRS completely manages supply chain from shipment to re-supply to ensuring proper kit numbers and monitoring defective supply. eCaseLink generates automated messages triggered by a pre-set low supply threshold.

eCaseLink   |   Winner of the SCDM Innovation Award

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