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BYOD – iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, PC, Mac.

DSG was a pioneer in development of eDiary technology and among the first to provide study sponsors and CROs with Palm® hand-held devices. As technology has evolved, DSG has remained ahead of the curve for your ePRO/eCOA environment, including bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the ability to collect data on most wearable, hand-held or tablet devices. With our responsive patient-centric design, participants may enter data to answer questionnaires conveniently from any Wi-Fi-enabled location using any browser or web-enabled device.

Flexible and convenient data capture

eCaseLink.Me provides a flexible and convenient approach to patient-reported data capture. eCaseLink.Me can be used as a stand-alone application or in combination with eCaseLink EDC software, for reporting and data analysis, saving valuable time at study sites. It ensures that all data gets to clinical researchers faster for analysis and follow ups with zero data loss.

Easy-to-use responsive questionnaires

Our responsive questionnaires can be presented using an array of unique questionnaire formats that include text, imagery, and a broad range of rating scales. Everything is designed to make the participant ePRO experience simple, fast and intuitive with no need for any additional training.

eCaseLink.Me eCOA clinical trial software features:

  • A library of customizable questionnaires to suit any studies needs
  • In-app alarms and reminders in addition to auto email and text message reminders and alerts
  • Full range of response scales to meet the needs of all patient reported outcome measures
  • Integration with medical devices, EDC, labs and other streams
  • Remote self-assessments and TeleVisits
  • Rapid solution development with libraries of standard designs
  • Real-time data access for monitoring issues before they occur

The benefits of eCaseLink.Me

Patient Experience

Your patient questionnaires are created quickly with ease of change management. DSG is your trusted and transparent partner from design to submission.


eCaseLink.Me provides rapid start-up and deployment with intuitive design and no patient training needed.

Simplified Data Collection

A patient-centric study design is a must-have when using the latest ePRO offerings. DSG’s proven experience gives you a trusted partner from design to deployment to submission.

Device Flexibility provides its users with a fast and convenient way to answer questionnaires using any type of web browser from any location using any type of Wi-Fi-enabled device such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phone.