The industry's only searchable, standalone, submission-ready data analysis and site archive tool

Developed in 2003, CaseXportTM provides clinical data in a portable, searchable standalone CD application. At any point in a study, DSG can provide CaseXport CDs to the sponsor, allowing them portable review and analysis of each site. Now, you can access accurate site information at any time during a study, even if you do not have access to the Internet.

CaseXport is a fully integrated addition to the DSG suite of clinical data solutions products, and works seamlessly with DSG's eCaseLink™ EDC. CaseXport provides an easy-to-use, submission-ready solution to browse all eCRFs on an interface similar to eCaseLink's. CaseXport embeds the data within the eCRFs (PDF files) along with all of the visual indicators of changes, closed queries, signature status, source document verification status and others. Screens are linked to queries and the site audit trail. The submission-ready application runs in a standalone environment on most Windows® computers and requires no Internet connection. CaseXport is delivered to the customer in the form of CDs or DVDs. The eCRFs can be exported as PDF files with index-embedded data for ease of import into a document management system for preparation of submission.

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The benefits of CaseXport

Easy review of data just like a live EDC study

With CaseXport, auditors can easily and quickly move from data entry screen, to query threads and to the audit trail with a click of a button. Search data by subject, keyword, date, without connecting to the internet.

Submission-ready study data within hours of final database lock

Once your study is completed, CaseXport can be ready for FDA submission within hours.

No expensive re-engineering of data into PDFs

When you are ready for FDA submission, CaseXport makes it easy to deliver data efficiently and cost-effectively. With DSG's ground-breaking proprietary technologies, eCaseLink files are automatically saved as PDF files. The FDA has audited eCaseLink sites and reported very positive comments to sponsors regarding ease of use of the CaseXport site archive product.

Real-time access to clinical data without Internet connection

Even when you are not connected to the Internet, you can review site status and patient data in an up-to-date, easy-to-use format. Review information when you want, where you want.

The only fully electronic study archive available

Everything involved in your study eCRF's, reports, images, audit trail, queries are captured and stored electronically, saving cost and time. At any point, DSG can create a copy of your study on CaseXport, so you will never will lose critical information.