eCaseLink EDC

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

The premier EDC clinical trial software, eCaseLink™ combines novel technology and unmatched industry experience to help reduce clinical trial time, improve accuracy, drive down costs/improve ROI, prevent risk, and use clinical trial data more effectively.

The most successful clinical trials begin and end with the highest quality, clean data. Data that is collected in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. An Electronic Data Capture (edc) system is a computerized system designed for the collection of trial data in a electronic format for use in human clinical trials. EDC clinical trial studies are accomplished with the best clinical trial software, eCaseLink.

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eCaseLink Multiple winner of the SCDM Data Driven Award

DSG’s award-winning eCaseLink software is the most advanced EDC solution in the industry. eCaseLink 8.2 is a truly integrated eClinical solution that seamlessly combines CTMS, EDC, IRT and Safety into a single system, cutting costs and giving you control over your entire study. Unlike other systems that attempt to force completely unrelated systems to work together, eCaseLink was developed from the ground up as a truly integrated system whose parts work effectively as a whole. eCaseLink helps you to see everything that’s happening with your study in real time, at all times. This unmatched level of control helps you to make mid-study changes, contain costs, improve safety and increase ROI.

eCaseLink provides the fastest start up, rapid database lock, and more rapid FDA submissions, resulting in a greater ROI. eCaseLink features cross-panel edit checks that fire instantly upon data entry, eliminating trial delays and need for time consuming server calls, making it easier for your users to move through their data entry.

DSG's clinical trial software technology eCaseLink, is a unique proprietary, user friendly interface. eCaseLink sends instant data validation accelerating data collection and ensuring consistent, high quality data in real time.

Please request a live demonstration of eCaseLink today and take an important step toward achieving your most successful clinical trials.

eCaseLink EDC Software Features

  • Application Development
  • A Single Build for Multi-language Global Studies
  • Rapid, Flexible Implementation
  • Comprehensive eSourcing Capabilities
  • Data Integration Functionality
  • Technology Transfer
  • Standard, Custom & Ad-hoc Reports
  • Real-time Access to Trial Data and Reports
  • Immediate Edits Upon Data Entry – Cross-panel Validation – for Exceptionally Clean Data
  • DSG Designer for generating eCRFs with Point-and-Click Ease
  • On-Demand Data Exports
  • Auto-encoder for Dictionaries, Including MedDRA, WHO Drug & Sponsor Synonym Lists
  • Integrated Query Management
  • CDISC Standards
  • Customized Reporting

The benefits of eCaseLink clinical trial software

Instant Validation

eCaseLink’s proprietary technology validates information field-by-field, instantly-without connecting to the server or requiring client plug-ins. Instant validations decrease the number of times the user must submit a form and the amount of bad data that must be queried after a submission. When you save a page, you are saving a page of clean data. The result is cleaner data and a rapid work flow.

The highest site acceptance of any EDC system on the market

eCaseLink has the most user friendly interface in the industry and our innovative data entry screens are configurable to your look and feel for your eCRFs. The system is flexible and highly configurable. It even adapts to a user’s individual workflow with SmartLinks, which automatically adjust to the user interface creating a more efficient workflow for each user, based on their unique workflow patterns. Users can easily access interactive reports at any time, view a snapshot of queries, saved eCRFs, and enrollment, all using eCaseLink’s proprietary dashboard from any screen — creating exceptional ease of use and high site acceptance, making electronic data entry easy.

Rapid EDC Study Start-Ups

eCaseLink's page-based technology allows for rapid set-up, testing and deployment of the first several visits of a study without delay, so there's no need to wait for the EDC team to create validation edits. Library eCRFs are saved and re-used, affording faster trial set-up for future studies. System development time lines including multiple third-party data integrations average eight weeks.

Clear Cost Advantage

DSG offers clients reasonable, straight-forward, cost effective pricing.

Mid-Study Changes in Hours, Not Weeks

eCaseLink allows you to manage protocol amendments and any mid-study changes quickly and seamlessly without any system downtime.

Local Lab Management System

eCaseLink enables data managers to effectively manage local labs and normal lab ranges, and also provides interactive review of laboratory data.

Comprehensive eSourcing and Integration

Data integration functionality allows users to integrate and manage data from a wide variety of industry sources in a single database with convenient dashboards for viewing and accessing data including: Core, Central, Specialty Laboratory Data, IVRS, CTMS, ECG, CT Scans & MRIs, Topographies & Radiographics, EMR, Medical Device Output, Safety Data

Complete Reporting

More than 40 standard reports are available as well as a library of configurable standard reports, custom and ad-hoc reports. On-Demand data exports and full ad-hoc reporting enable real-time data access and management.


eCaseLink multi-language capabilities include Japanese, Chinese and Western European languages to support trials worldwide. This allows sponsors to run their clinical trial operations on a single, global platform without needing to install different versions of the software for different languages. Additionally, data managers and clinicians can work together collaboratively using a single, centrally-managed global database regardless of geographic location or language.

Global Support

DSG provides 24/7 global technical support for all client clinical trial deployments.

Dynamic Integration

eCaseLink is the only electronic data capture solution with dynamic software integration standard.

Datasets on Demand

eCaseLink is the only electronic data capture solution with this feature, standard.