eCaseLink IRT

eCaseLink Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

DSG’s award winning IRT system is a fully integrated component of eCaseLink™ that helps you to easily manage randomization, subject enrollment and drug supply management in various clinical trial settings.

eCaseLink IRT provides a number of benefits; Including drug accountability, data integration, rapid, and flexible implementation, and ease of administering protocol deviations, which result in increased efficiency, productivity, end-to-end supply chain management. In addition, eCaseLink IRT delivers flexible options as well as savings of over $100,000 per study, on average.

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Simplify Randomization, Subject Enrollment and Drug Supply Management with eCaseLink’s Interactive Response Technology

  • Reduce total cost
  • Data integration functionality
  • Rapid, flexible implementation
  • Real-time access to randomization and supply data and reports
  • Customized reporting
  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Manage randomization & subject enrollment
  • Readiness for risk-based monitoring (RBM)

The benefits of eCaseLink’s IRT

Stand-alone or full EDC Integration

DSG’s IRT seamlessly integrates with our advanced, award-winning eCaseLink, EDC software. With eCaseLink IRT you can increase drug accountability through the supply chain, while providing rapid and flexibility implementation to any size study.

Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency

IRT from DSG will increase efficiency, productivity and lower error rates – especially when a protocol changes mid-study, while reducing the need or eliminating the costly and inefficient IVR systems with more efficient web-based option. DSG delivers an average savings of over $100,000 per study, through the use of its IRT.

Automated Patient Randomization

eCaselink IRT provides automated, streamlined randomization and trial supply management with convenient web-based reporting and electronic patient diaries fully integrated with eCaselink.

Award Winning Technology

DSG is the industry leader in integrated EDC technology. Our advanced, award-winning technology offers the finest technical support from the leading industry experts, with years of problem-solving experience – available anytime, 24/7/365, on-call or in-house.

Inventory Management

DSG’s eCaseLink IRT provides a centralized pathway to complete clinical trial drug supply. Our inventory management services ensure supply is sent to sites or patients from depots automatically. This allows for the effective management of supply chain from shipment facilities to re-supply and the system capabilities include automated messaging triggered by a preset of low supply thresholds to ensure delivery is always on time and accurate.