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DSG - data integration services

DSG electronic file capture and seamless data integration capabilities

Web-based proprietary software applications

With DSG data integration we help connect and build a solid data foundation to support all of your clinical trial needs throughout your study. Only DSG offers data integration with central lab, electronic patient diaries, IVRS, ECG and other third party applications and databases (including CDMS and CTMS) into one comprehensive software application. Using our proprietary software applications, sponsors have the most timely, accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting tools integrated at their fingertips. At any point in a study, sponsors have the ability to review all types of clinical trial data not just numerical data within one comprehensive application.

Secure seemless data integration

Unlike other applications providers, DSG's secure web-based data integration is seamless and occurs before the trial begins. eCaseLink's field-based edit checks automatically cross-reference all trial data to provide the cleanest information possible.

Central Lab Integration

DSG has partnered with some of the industry's most well-known central labs to integrate lab data within electronic studies. Data is uploaded in real time, cross-referencing important safety and patient information for more accurate reporting. Now, you can identify trends in data months before final database lock.

DSG will customize your laboratory integration needs to give your study maximum data efficiency and performance. Our extensive integration capabilities can even generate automatic patient safety reports based on your criteria to identify potential serious adverse events— ensuring patient safety at lower cost in less time.

  • Completely integrated central lab data with clinical trial data and patient-reported data
  • Immediate Web-based data analysis in a secure environment
  • Transfer data to exportable files
  • Customized tools and reporting capabilities consistent with Sponsor-specific protocol

Third-party Data Integration

In addition to our own proprietary software applications eDiaryLinkTM ePRO, and central lab integration, DSG has extensive experience integrating with other third-party applications including IVRS, ePRO, CDMS, CTMS and safety software to accommodate any requests or requirements you might have.

DSG's flexible applications allow you to define what tools you're most comfortable with at any point during a study. If you are interested in learning more about DSG's integration capabilities, contact us at (484) 690-4047 to request a demonstration.