Technical Support

DSG Technical Support

DSG provides one of the finest technical support teams available in the industry. With over 400 clinical trials completed, our trained professionals have years of experience to stand ready to answer any and all of your clinical trial study questions or concerns.

eCaseLink™ technical support is available via our toll-free support line, and e-mail support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.

Existing clients contact eCaseLink Tech Support

If you have any problems with eCaseLink or any other clinical trial study questions, software problems or concerns call or E-mail eCaseLink technical support at any time.

Phone Support: 1 (800)-475-8966
E-mail Support:

Note: You are required to supply basic information for our technical support staff such as:

  1. If you need a language translator DSG can provide one for you.
  2. Provide us with your First and Last Name.
  3. Provide the Study and Protocol that you are working on.
  4. Lastly we will need an Investigator Site Number.

(QA) Quality Assurance. You can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service.

Quality control and assurance are the core of DSG’s operating standards. Procedures are documented and refined with the ultimate goal of improving practices; the end result—a better, faster, cleaner product.

All DSG software products and services go through many layers of quality control testing on an internal development server and an external client test server before launch into a live study environment. Data verification is thoroughly performed at all levels. Detailed test scripts are written, executed, updated when necessary, and re-executed until results are error free. All testing results are reviewed by Quality Assurance to ensure quality control standard operating procedures are being followed.

DSG quality control documentation is meticulously maintained in a secure environment to ensure audit readiness when the need arises.