Secure Web-Hosting

Your clinical trial data security is assured with DSG’s web-based hosting services.

If you choose to utilize DSG for your hosting services, you can be assured that your clinical trial will be secure. DSG utilizes a trusted third-party co-hosting company — the largest data-tape backup and Web server co-hosting company in the U.S. - for your crucial clinical trial data.

DSG Secure Hosting

The Web-hosting facility houses the data-center infrastructure for the Web servers. They provide all the related Internet and hosting services, as well as nightly data backups, managed firewall services, redundancy options, disaster recovery services, managed maintenance alerts and Internet network performance management; DSG provides maintenance for the servers and the application performance management.

Nightly tape back-ups of each server are stored in an underground vault 60 feet below ground level in a neighboring state, as part of a contract between DSG and a secure state of the art hosting facility. The Web-hosting facility also maintains sufficient redundancy so that, in the unlikely event of a disaster at the hosting facility, DSG can still restore a study within hours and keep your clinical trial study running.