DSG Services

Experienced team-driven clinical trial professionals

Our experienced professionals know clinical trials and will become trusted members of your team as they support you from implementation to final database lock. Successfully transitioning the data collection and management processes from traditional paper-based methods to electronic data capture (EDC) requires buy-in throughout the chain-from the sponsor personnel to the end-users at the sites.

The benefits of DSG clinical trial services

DSG has been consistently providing high quality production, secure hosting and data management services that meet the real-world needs of all clinical trial professionals.

Project Management

With DSG Project Management services we make sure that your study is deployed in a timely, efficient manner that accommodates your deadlines.

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Document Management

DSG's document management software applications allow electronic file capture and storage of study-specific documents in a secure, Web-based environment.

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On and off-site Training

DSG has developed a comprehensive and flexible clinical trial training program designed for each individual sponsor's needs.

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Comprehensive Reporting

DSG’s software applications offer over 65 standard reporting tools — at no additional cost. In addition, our ad hoc reporting tool is the most comprehensive available. Create up to 200 unique reports based on criteria you select. Since all data captured by the system is clean and in real time, access to your critical data is just a click away.

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Data Integration

DSG's software applications offer comprehensive, seamless integration capabilities for the most efficient clinical trials. Only DSG offers data integration with central lab, electronic patient diaries, IVRS, ECG and other third party applications and databases (including CDMS and CTMS) into one comprehensive software application.

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On-going Technical Support

We provide one of the finest technical support teams available in the industry. With hundreds of clinical trials completed, our trained professionals have the knowledge base and the many years of experience to answer any and all of your clinical trial study questions or concerns.

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Secure Web Hosting Services

DSG uses a third-party secure state of the art hosting facility that provides all related Internet and hosting services, as well as nightly data backups, managed firewall services and so much more.

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