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The benefits of eCaseLink Designer

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eCaseLink Designer Create and Manage eCRFs

Create and manage eCRF development

eCaseLink Designer is a software platform used to create and manage the development of electronic clinical trial research questionnaires. A Case Report Form (CRF) can be a paper or a electronic questionnaire (eCRF) that is specifically created for clinical trial research. A electronic case report form is used by a contract research organization like a CRO or directly by a pharmaceutical sponsor to collect form data from each participating patient involved in a clinical trial study. With eCaseLink Designer you’re in complete control of your clinical trial studies success.

Design and deploy HTML eCRFs

DSG’s clinical research technology is based on the most respected, time-tested electronic data capture (EDC) software solution in the life sciences industry. eCaseLink Designer requires no prior knowledge in database programming or HTML coding skills and enables you to design and deploy your eCRFs quickly no matter what the trial design may be.

Technology Transfer Licensing

DSG provides the eCaseLink platform that makes technology transfer true knowledge transfer. DSG’s highly experienced professionals have both clinical and data expertise in supporting clients through every step of their process. Once the technology transfer is complete, DSG continues providing support and system upgrades throughout the licensing of the products.

eCaseLink Designer features

  • Designer lets the CRO or sponsor become the designer with complete control of workflow to help streamline the clinical trial study execution.
  • Offers the design flexibility to mix and match your eCRFs in both a Table Layout and Free Form Layout together all within the same study.
  • DSG’s unparalleled support services and hands-on training ensure that you build studies end-to-end.
  • We help you create reusable templates and eCRFs that can lower your cost to deliver a completed study for regulatory approval.
  • Accelerate the design process with our complete and exhaustive library of pre-defined edits based on years of full service EDC experience.
eCaseLink Designer

The benefits of eCaseLink Designer

Rapid Workflow

eCaseLink's proprietary technology validates information field-by-field, instantly-without connecting to the server or requiring client plug-ins. Instant validations decrease the number of times the user must submit a form and the amount of bad data that must be queried after a submission. When you save a page, you are saving a page of clean data. The end result is complete control of cleaner metadata from start to finish.


eCaseLink Designer and eCaseLink are measurably best in class for turnaround time. Study designers create automated library features using industry standards (CDISC, CDASH, ODM) or create their own in record time. We know from years of experience that different software users work in different ways, and so we have created Designer to allow for just that. One Designer user can build an entire eCaseLink edc study, solo.

Layout Flexibility

eCaseLink Designer allows you to choose the layout for your eCRFs. Table Layout is automatically generated based on the data points specified in your eCRF. With our optional Free Form Layout enables you to customize the look and feel of an eCRF to match your source document. You can decide to choose one of these styles or even mix and match your eCRFs for both layout styles together within the same study.