DSG in the News - 2010 - 2008

CNRM and DSG battle U.S. Troops’ traumatic brain injury

Malvern, Pa., Dec. 13, 2010 — The Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM) is using DSG’s eCaseLink™ EDC (electronic data capture) system in three key studies on traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an effort to properly classify, diagnose, and combat one of the leading medical issues for U.S. military troops and veterans.

DSG Partners with bio-tech company to battle progressive and chronic Kidney Disease

Malvern, Pa., Feb. 01, 2010 — DSG‘s eCaseLink™ Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and data management are currently being used by a biotechnology company for two current Phase II and Phase IIa clinical trials for treatments of progressive and chronic kidney disease. The company uses DSG’s eCaseLink™ to automate and manage the data collection process during the clinical trial life cycle. In addition, DSG combines data management services with eCaseLink™ to seamlessly optimize data collection and analysis. The result is clean clinical trial data, collected and analyzed efficiently. This accelerates the clinical trial process, helping to safely speed these treatments to those who need them.

DSG & Pharmaceutical company engage in global effort in early detection of major diseases. — EDC technology supports studies on early detection for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Diabetes

Malvern, Pa., Jan. 11, 2010— DSG, a leader in electronic data capture (EDC) has teamed up with a leading-edge pharmaceutical company to speed the early detection of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Diabetes. The focus is on developing molecular imaging products that are leading the way to the early detection of human diseases. DSG’s eCaseLink™ EDC (Electronic Data Capture) supports three current clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes. eCaseLink™ supplies real-time capability to review case documents and metrics across all study sites, significantly increasing clinical trial management speed, while reducing study management costs by as much as 30 percent.

New Risks Require New FDA Solutions

OCTOBER, 2009 A clear and present danger has emerged for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry that threatens its very core. After a wave of criticism about the way federal drug regulators are performing their duty, a Supreme Court majority handed down a decisive endorsement of lawsuits in state courts to address deficiencies at the national level.

100% EDC, A Necessity. From “Is 100% EDC Realistic?” presented by Suzanne Lamerand of DSG, Inc. at the 2009 SCDM Annual Conference, 2009.

The pharmaceutical and device industry faces a hostile litigious and regulatory environment. This current climate can stifle research and, as a result, impede progress that could improve the healthcare of all Americans. The concern is over a new level of scrutiny aimed at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The good news is that the industry can employ existing technologies to head off potential problems and dramatically reduce risk. That technology is EDC.

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DSG in the Spotlight at 2009 SCDM Annual Conference

(01 Oct 2009) -DSG's EDC technology presence at 2009 SCDM conference highly anticipated - MALVERN, Pa.--(Business Wire)-- DSG, Inc., the leader in EDC and clinical software technology, is already the center of attention leading up to the 2009 SCDM Annual Conference. The excitement is centered around DSG`s continuing role as a pioneer in the EDC(electronic data capture) field, with over 500 attendees eager to see the latest developments and the future of EDC from DSG.

Cipher Uses DSG`s EDC in Effort to Give Hope to Severe Acne Sufferers

Cipher Pharmaceuticals conducts Phase 3 trial study for new severe acne treatment- MALVERN, Pa.-- DSG Inc., an industry leader in clinical trial data collection and management, today announced that Cipher Pharmaceuticals (TSX:DND) is using electronic data capture (EDC) software and data management services from DSG. Cipher is using DSG`s eCaseLink for its Phase 3 dermatology study on its new compound for the treatment of severe acne. Cipher`s new treatment offers new hope for patients with severe inflammatory or recalcitrant nodular acne who are unresponsive to conventional therapy.

DSG’s Successes with Human Genome Sciences By Lisa Henderson | Published: September 2, 2009

In covering clinical trials, we are seeing more focus on the activities in specific therapeutic areas. Not that they didn’t exist before, but the frequency with which companies are identifying the specific conditions for which they have experience are on an uptick. These experiences can parlay into other contracts in similar conditions, or add to the company’s cadre of experience, as well as the overall impression, the company already exhibits

Human Genome Sciences Achieves Lupus Drug Goals With DSG`s EDC

(17 Aug 2009) Human Genome Sciences announced that BENLYSTA met the primary endpoint in BLISS-52, the first of two pivotal Phase 3 trials in patients with serologically active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). These results show that BENLYSTA has the potential to become the first new approved drug in decades giving hope to people living with systemic lupus. DSG supports HGS on four global Phase 3 studies concurrently, providing data capture and supporting data management through its function rich eCaseLink EDC software. The study included nearly 400 electronic case report forms per subject, which were highly complex in design and had nearly 1,200 edits per screen. DSG provided critical data reporting tools based on study requirements, allowing HGS data management personnel to continually monitor and efficiently insure data quality.

DSG Announces Record Growth for First Half of 2009

(22 June 2009) DSG Inc., the industry leader in electronic data capture (EDC) for clinical trial data collection and management, today announced, from the 45th Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association, its continued record growth and profitability for the first half of 2009.

DSG, Inc. wins SCDM Data Driven Innovation Award for second year in a row

January. 13, 2009 DSG’s collaborative work with Human Genome Sciences wins key industry award...In its second year, the Data Driven Innovation Award recognizes and honors excolence in the advancement of clinical data management and celebrates innovation in vendor/sponsor relationships. Three judges selected from the SCDM Certified Clinical Data Managers agreed to honor the partnership between HGS and DSG for creating an interactive and centralized Clinical Data Quality Control (CDQC) checklist that combines both system data and user entered data to assess the status of "cleanliness" for a given project.

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DSG and Ovation Pharmaceuticals partner in several Phase 1 Studies

  • May 13, 2008
  • DSG, Inc., a leading EDC and clinical software technology provider, today announced that OVATION Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OVATION) is using DSG’s award-winning eCaseLink EDC software to conduct several Phase I clinical trials. DSG is one of OVATION’s preferred providers for EDC software for these studies.

To date, OVATION has used eCaseLink for five Phase I studies, and has seven Phase I studies underway or planned for 2008 and six Phase I studies planned for 2009.

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