Decentralized and Traditional Clinical Trials Software in one Unified Platform

Participant Recruitment Solutions - We streamline the enrollment process by remotely prescreening Participants and allow for self-registration.

DSG Products
  • eConsent: Lowers the barrier for Participant enrollment and enhances participant engagement activities. Incorporates a step-by-step instructional approach with the use of text, graphics and other multimedia options.

  • Enrollment Tracker: Meet your enrollment goals with a comprehensive platform to register and track pre-screened Participants for optimal control of recruitment monitoring.

  • TeleVisit: Communicate with Participants anytime, anywhere. Eliminate the need for on-site visits.

Visit Planning Solutions - Seamlessly deploy visit schedules for hybrid and decentralized trials with in-home visits to accommodate all stakeholders with automatic Participant reminders.

DSG Products
  • eSource (eClinRO): A BYOD, user-friendly approach for real-time data capture, eliminates SDV, and empowers users to enter data using any device for any decentralized or hybrid clinical trial.

  • eCOA-ePRO: Enhances global Participant engagement with the integration of wearable devices. Replaces paper surveys, makes it easier for Participants to complete questionnaires in real-time with a mix of traditional data fields, VAS, Likert Scales, and even audio recordings.

  • eCaseLink EDC: A time-proven, user-preferred site data entry platform including real-time data export for analytics including SAS. eCaseLink has been instrumental in the approval of multiple blockbuster drugs across various regulatory agencies over its 20+ year history.

Study Management Solutions - Randomize Participants, track IP inventory and review performance metrics in real-time from one central location. Download your data at any time in any format for statistical analysis and regulatory submission.

DSG Study Management
  • RTSM-IRT: A fully integrated randomization and trial supply management system with real-time data to manage supply and re-supply. Includes direct-to-patient IP delivery.

  • CTMS: Specifically designed for collecting and distributing electronically captured clinical trial status information quickly throughout multiple studies.

  • Safety System: An easy-to-use tool to track and report Safety events, generate Agency submission forms and help report to regulatory bodies across multiple study protocols.

Why DSG?

"We have earned the loyalty and trust of many through building a successful legacy, earning triumphs together."

  • Agile Implementations - Speedy implementation through our proven Agile approach. 200+ studies across twelve years implemented in < 2 weeks.
  • Superior Technology - Years of experience built into our Clinical trial platform features. First to provide a fully integrated EDC-IRT-Trial Supply Management system, first FDA drug approval using eSource, with ePRO experience dating back to 1999 using Palm Pilots.
  • Flexibility - A long track record of taking on complex integrations as part of our standard product offerings. Kicking off 2022, we were awarded a clinical program from a leading social media company to integrate their wearables into our standard clinical trial platform.
  • Global Reach - We support global trials and clients with region-appropriate cloud hosting services.
  • Compliance - DSG takes data security to the next level: we are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, and compliant with all industry regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11, Privacy Shield, and more.
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing - More cost-effective than big-name providers yet we provide more features; a better, longer delivery record; and an incomparable service level.
  • Study Rescue - DSG has rescued over 400 studies; never once has DSG needed rescue.
  • For Partnerships - The easy-to-use DSG Designer tool allows partners to point-and-click with no coding required, even for the most complex cross-module cross-visit edits. Partners require minimal training to become experts.
  • Another First - The only truly integrated and unified platform supporting DCT and Traditional clinical trials.

Over 30 Years of Clinical Trial Software Innovation and Expertise

DSG Timeline
DSG provides Clinical Data Science (CDS) capabilities
DSG provides Clinical Data Science (CDS) capabilities

DSG incorporates (CDS) Clinical Data Science features into its unified flagship platform eCaseLink. eCaseLink, enables the execution of complex protocol designs using a patient centric, data driven and risk-based approach.

DSG home-bound cancer patients
DSG and 1nHealth Partner to Enhance Patient Outreach

DSG along with 1nHealth, a global digital patient recruitment provider, are creating a seamless participant experience from launch to completion. Including integration of pre-screened leads from 1nHealth’s secure platform.

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