DSG Executive Team


Anthony J. Varano, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Our executive team, under the leadership of CEO Tony Varano, brings a combined experience of over 75 years of technology enhancement, software application development and clinical trial management to every client we serve.

Tony Varano began his career at Unisys, beginning as a software programmer in the international software applications group and culminating as the Director of Software Applications Development. During his tenure there he developed state-of-the-art product configuration systems for financial and artificial intelligence software applications and was part of the global implementation team. He successfully developed over 25 software applications for Unisys and gained the expertise needed to evolve his career.

With the advent of the software and hardware revolution of the early 1990's, Tony's interests turned toward new imaging systems and technologies, knowing the potential impact on traditional, paper-based data collection processes, especially in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Committed to making a difference in this arena, Tony founded DSG in 1992 and soon began working with Wyeth Ayerst Research to develop a solution to reduce CRF-related costs and paper-based, time-consuming processes. The result was DSG's first proprietary software application, CaseLink™ - a turnkey CRF document management software application - the first of its kind. Tony Varano holds dual degrees in mathematics and computer science and served with the U.S. Marine Corps for four years receiving numerous outstanding achievement awards and meritorious promotions.